Samuel Škoda

Assistant Professor (non-TT), University of Oslo

Working papers

  1. Directing job search in practice: Mandating pay information in job ads
    Job Market Paper, 2022
  2. Collusion by exclusion in public procurement
    Submitted, 2023

Journal articles

  1. Do elections accelerate the COVID-19 pandemic? Evidence from a natural experiment
    with René Levínský and Ján Palguta
    Journal of Population Economics, 2022, 35(1): 97-240
  2. Do women face a glass ceiling at home? The division of household labor among dual-earner couples
    Review of Economics of the Household, 2021, 19(4): 1209–1243
  3. Scientific publication performance in post-communist countries: still lagging far behind
    with Štěpán Jurajda, Stanislav Kozubek and Daniel Münich
    Scientometrics, 2017, 112(1): 315–328

Works in progress

  1. Insuring the self-employed: Evidence on asymmetric information in UI
  2. Fiscal multipliers in the European Union: Evidence from the use of European structural and investment funds in Slovakia